Advices for Those Interested in Hungarian Dental Treatment

FAQ about Dental Treatment in Hungary

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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Treatment in Hungary:

Does My Health Insurance Cover The Costs Of Dental Treatment In Hungary?

Your health insurance provider (like NHS) can pay for the cost of your dental treatment in Hungary, since Hungary is in the EU, bills from Hungarian dental surgeries are also accepted. Normally, when a patient with a dental insurance plan, that includes restorative treatment, arranges an appointment for an initial examination in a chosen Hungarian dental surgery, and participates in the examination, a written cost estimate and a treatment plan will be given. This treatment plan with the cost estimate can be sent to the insurance provider before the actual dental treatment. The patient pays, and the medical billing to insurer is done afterwards. In other words: YOU PAY THE DENTIST FIRST, THEN CLAIM BACK THE MONEY ON YOUR INSURANCE.

Why Are Dental Treatments Cheaper In Hungary Than In Western Europe?

Hungarian dental clinics such as Dentalklinik Dr. Toka work with high-quality products and materials. But labor costs are much lower, so the patient can pay considerably less for the same dental work as in the United Kingdom or West side of Europe.

Concerned About Language Barriers In Hungarian Dental Practices?

You will certainly have no problems with the communication. In most Hungarian dental clinics, especially in Budapest and the region near the Austrian-Hungarian border, for example: in Sopron , in Mosonmagyaróvár dentist and the entire team speaks English, German or other foreign languages as this is required by their job. Dental practices have recognized years ago that they can only win patients and keep them when the patient feels like at home, therefore language is extremely important.

What Materials Are Used By Dentists In Hungary?

High-quality products and materials made in Europe. Implant manufacturers from the whole western region like Germany or Switzerland sell their products to Hungary. It is already proven that dental surgeries in Hungary use the products of top implant manufacturers. The new material in dentistry made of polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) is referred to as PEEK dental prosthesis.

Additional Costs Like Travel And Accommodation?

Some dental clinics in Hungary pay travel expenses and accommodation. There are many dental practices, where an airport pick-up service from Vienna Airport, Budapest or Bratislava Airport is already included in the price of the dental holiday.

The best and most convenient thing is when the dental treatment in Hungary is combined with holidays. For further information on dental holidays in Hungary, please consult a Dentistry.

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